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Here is a video of me totally failing on the final move of my current bouldering project at the climbing gym.

I’m not even wearing a tanktop in it to show off my back and shoulder muscles so this video is pretty much totally useless.

I have been working on this problem for over three weeks now and I can’t articulate how much I love/hate it…

I am going to reblog the video of me on my project (this is the one I finished today). The big breakthrough is that instead of bringing my left hand to the last hold, I bumped my right and up, then my left to the taped-out finish area.

Finished my project at the climbing gym tonight! In a real drop-the-mic moment, I walked in and climbed it straight away without any problems whatsoever. It probably helped that I’d climbed it almost two dozen times over the last month.

I’m stoked because I don’t think I’ve ever worked so long on a boulder problem.

We played Just Dance 2015 at FanExpo. Sew wig clips into your wigs and you can do anything in them.

Regarding the Bob Ross photoset/cheering/life advice. I do agree with it but I also wonder how much practice it would take for someone (like me) who can barely draw stick figures to become a proficient sketcher/doodler.

I don’t even know where to begin, really.

Remember when I used to do supplemental exercises?

I do. Kinda sorta. Maybe. My body regretfully remembers we used to exercise!

Tonight I did a variation of Dave Kalama’s 5 Essential Exercises.
1) Push-ups: Day 1 of Week 3 of 100 Push-us. So 12, 17, 13, 13 and 31 push-ups.
2) 60 bicycle crunches
3) Lunges with a 25 pound weight
4) 30 mountain climbers
5) Baby hangboard workout: 5 pull-ups off the larger knobs, 2x20s dead hang from pockets, 13 knee raises (hanging from knobs), 5 pull-ups off the larger knobs. Pull-ups are much harder when you’re not doing them from a bar.
Whew. Exercise is dumb and hard, guys.
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